About us

We’re a group based at UCL, campaigning for free, funded, accessible education, and for social justice and freedom more broadly. We want UCL and other educational institutions to be liberatory and democratic, not tied to serving the interests of business and the government, and we fight for decent conditions for both students and education workers. We resist cuts, marketization and privatisation, not only in education but other public services, and we oppose sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and disablism.

At UCL students organised the 2010’s mass occupations and protests against tuition fee increases. Since then, we’ve helped Stratford residents defeat our university’s attempt to bulldoze their homes, played our part in the national campaign that halted the privatisation of student debt, supported campus workers striking for decent pay, and more. We are part of a democratic network of student activists across the country through our links to the National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts.

We are a democratic, open group for anyone who agrees with these goals.

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